Kiss Kiss, Chap is an episode of season 1

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sammy, Jenny, and Jason are playing Truth or Dare. Sammy dares Jenny to tell who she has a crush on. Jenny says its Justen Beeber. Sammy and Jason fall out of their seat laguhing landing on the floor with a thud. They get back up and sit in their seats. Jenny dares Jason to kiss Sammy on the lips. Jason blushes a deep red and kisses Sammy. Sammy blushes and kisses back. Jenny feels some drama and tells them they can stop. Sammy and Jason stop kissing and look at each other and run out of the house. Jenny goes " Awkward" and goes to her bedroom. Sammy goes to the pond to think while Jason goes to the cave to think as well. Sammy thinks "Do I like Jason..I dont know..Hes been my best friend all this time...Could I have devloped fellings for him?....I just need to find out." and he gets up to find Jason. Jason thinks "I like him I do but...can I love him...Can I..Well I guess I have to find out" and walks off to find Sammy. They met up a the front of the house. " Sammy..I-I think I l-lo-" but before Jason could say another word, Sammy pulls him in and presses his lips on his for a passonate kiss. Sammy and Jason keep kissing for a minute. Jenny pretends to gag and say " This is gonna be one screwed up season" as the episode ends.

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